2020-05-27 | 國語音樂
繼馬思唯,KnowKnow,Melo之後,Higher Brothers成員Psy.P發佈了首張個人專輯 -《PSYLIFE.25》,開啟了Higher Brothers四人solo計畫的壓軸篇章。
從早前率先釋出的兩首風格迥異的單曲,“King of the Jungle” 和 “壞毛病”中,聽眾即可一瞥其整張專輯類型的多樣性。專輯的焦點曲目包括:讓人聯想到風靡紐約的Drill音樂的“桐梓林”,展示了Psy.P運用R&B音樂的能力的“Sweet Nothing”, 以及與Bohan Phoenix(曾與Higher Brothers合作單曲”No Hook”)共同打造的單曲”劉玉玲“,獻給千萬人心中永遠的女神美籍華裔演員劉玉玲女士。專輯還有Higher Brothers其他三位成員馬思唯, KnowKnow, Melo的傾力支持,並由英國出生現居成都的製作人HARIKIRI全權操刀製作。從pop,boombap,到新金屬,和朋克,Psy.P自如地將辨識度極高的音色腔調和強烈的個人風格融入其中,完美的實現了各種風格與個人特色無縫對接的平衡,創造出了一張極富可聽度,整體性高,製作精良的佳品。

《PSYLIFE.25》專輯如其名,記錄了Psy.P 25年的人生歷程。專輯分成三個部分,第一部分由時下流行的曲風和傳統的boombap組成,Psy.P將巧妙的比喻和連貫的flow貫穿這些歌曲,完美的展現了他在把控這些風格上的遊刃有餘。第二部分則由新金屬和朋克風格主導,用熱血沸騰的器樂伴奏和自由寬廣的音域向聽眾們呈現了一個不同以往, 讓人耳目一新的硬核Psy.P。第三部分則回歸到心中柔軟的那片角落,用四首歌講述了愛情從最開始難捨難分的甜蜜,到逐漸因互相猜忌懷疑而產生的隔閡,再到最後漸行漸遠的離別的過程,相信歌詞中真摯的情感表達會讓每個人都能從中找到共鳴。

這三個缺一不可的部分,分別象徵著Psy.P 25年人生的三個段落,展示了他豐富的人生經歷,同時也帶領著聽眾們走進了這個一向充滿神秘感的Higher Brothers成員的內心世界。可以確定的是,Psy.P在專輯中展現出的極強的可塑性和擁有令人無法忽視的能量的個人特色,將會帶領他的音樂生涯達到更高的巔峰。

Member of the Higher Brothers, Psy.P is about to open the last chapter of the Higher Brothers’ solo projects. Following the release of Psy.P’s of his first two singles “King of the Jungle” and “Bad Habits,” Psy.P drops his eagerly anticipated PSYLIFE.25. The culmination of Psy.P’s influences, PSYLIFE.25 takes listeners on a sonic journey through regional styles and sounds. Produced almost entirely by England-born-China-based HARIKIRI, PSYLIFE.25 is a truly collaborative project. The focus track of the album, “TongZiLin”, is reminiscent of the New York drill wave while “Sweet Nothings” showcases Psy.P’s ability to tap into the sounds of R&B. An eclectic mix of production, style, and lyrics, PSYLIFE.25 presents Psy.P’s unseen range, cementing the Chengdu MC’s versatility as a musician. The project features fellow Higher Brothers Melo, KnowKnow, and Masiwei as well as Bohan Phoenix, who has previously collaborated with the Higher Brothers on “No Hook.”

PSYLIFE.25, as its name suggests, represents Psy.P’s 25-year life. The album is divided into three parts. The first part consists of the popular music genre and the traditional boombap, which is full of ingenious metaphors and coherent flow that perfectly shows his ability to master in these styles. The second part, dominated by new-metal and Punk, presents a different yet refreshing Psy.P with the passionate instrumental accompaniment and wide range of tones. The third part returns to the soft place in his heart, Psy.P uses four love songs to tell the story of a couple who went from being inseparable to hurting each other. The sincere expression of emotions in the lyrics will allow everyone to find resonance. These three indispensable parts symbolize three paragraphs of Psy.P's 25-year life, revealing his full life experiences and leading listeners into the inner world of this seemingly mysterious member of the Higher Brothers