Somebody Like You (Duet Version)
2020-09-11 | 國語音樂
兩人走過的痕跡 ,因為有你給予意義 ,沒人能將你代替「Somebody Like You」

曾獲得ARIA年度最佳組合的澳洲樂隊 Sheppard 於今年三月發行抒情搖滾單曲「Somebody Like You」。當時 Sheppard 的團隊希望能把動聽的旋律,推廣給更多亞洲的聽眾,因而邀請了全方位小天后 Sammy 張語噥填上中文歌詞,重新詮釋歌曲。Sheppard 聽到收錄在語噥個人專輯的版本後,非常驚艷,也希望可以與 Sammy 有更深入的合作。

這一次 Sheppard 與 Sammy 張語噥決定在九月份攜手合作推出 「Somebody Like You」中英男女對唱的版本。張語噥的真假音轉換搭配上樂團主唱George男高音嘹亮且深情,寂寞卻又充滿期待的氛圍。

在新冠病毒的影響下,MV拍攝的方式也需特別的方式。張語噥的製作人,同時是上城娛樂的老闆 Victor 劉偉德希望MV內容也能呼應疫情期間狀況,在相隔兩地卻有著同樣心情的愛人。 Victor 聘請了知名導演李洹宇(小忍),與Sheppard的團隊合作拍攝,分別在臺灣蘇澳的神祕沙灘與澳洲 Brisbane 的 Suttons Beach。小忍導演利用後製的剪輯,描述兩人面對同樣的海洋同樣的天空同樣的心情,卻是截然不同的景色,遼闊的大海彷彿是無盡的思念。也許時差關係我們在不同的天色訴說想念,不同的國家不同的晝夜,把情感寄託海浪,願能傳達給「Somebody Like You」。

The path we once took only has meaning because it was taken with you.  No one can ever take the place of “Somebody Like You.”

Award winning and Multi-Platinum certified Australian band Sheppard released their rock ballad single, “Somebody Like You” in March 2020.  At the time, Sheppard's team wished to reach a wider Asian audience with their catchy yet touching melody, and therefore invited the omni-talented Taiwanese artist Sammy Chang (張語噥) to create a Chinese version of the song.  After Sheppard listened to her version, which was a part of her solo album, “Sammy 1.0,” they became very excited, and wanted to have a deeper collaboration.

On September 11th, Sheppard and Sammy will release an English-Chinese duet version of "Somebody Like You.”  Sammy’s gentle phrasing and smooth falsetto gracefully compliments lead singer George Sheppard’s powerful and passionate voice, resonating a sense of longing and loneliness with their harmonies.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, shooting a music video requires a different and creative approach. Sammy’s producer, Victor Lau, who is also the head of her label (Uptown Entertainment), hoped the content of the MV can also reflect relationships kept apart due to current travel restrictions.   Victor hired well-seasoned director Sean Li (Xiao Ren) to work with Sheppard's team on the video, which were shot separately at “Mysterious Beach” in Su’ao, Taiwan and Suttons Beach in Brisbane, Australia.  Director Li’s post-production work depicted George and Sammy facing the same ocean and the same sky, yet in completely different sceneries.  Perhaps when separated by borders and time zones, we’ll let the crashing waves carry our emotions, and our message can be delivered to "Somebody Like You".