Battle hyms are being sung
The War is almost won
Civil war within my flesh and bones
The promise of spilled blood
We will not be defeated
We'll stand up next to you
Signaled by the change of guard
A declaration of the truth

Its our revolution
Its our time to shine
United we stand strong
Together we fight

This battle that we face
The ground we compromise
No more will I be pushed around
Distracted by the lies
The chains have been broken
Liberation has been granted
We raise our flag to signify
We Stand on Holy ground

I pledge alligence to my God
Creator of all things
And I lift my hands up to the sky
Reilizing what that means
Look around at all of those
Doing the same thing
Here we stand with the great I Am
Let true freedom ring

One enormous army
Singing with one voice
We lift our anthem high enough
To give everyone the choice
Will you live your last days
Like you're already dead?
Or will you sing the praise
Of God and saints
Let me hear you say Amen!