Bloody F8 ((Euc) [TV Size])
專輯:Into the Sky

Bloody F8 ((Euc) [TV Size])


Behind your mask
You smile, smile me with the greed
and the frantic eyes
I hate it, but I can't deny it
I don't wanna be like you
The feud between us escalates deeper
into tons of tragic wages
Can't stand it, but I never fight it
Though I haven't proofed enough

Hypnotized by your charismata
None realized, you won't be true
But I know you are right if I were on your side
So confused...

God, what a judgement!
Is my punishment?
Can't I escape from my sole bloody fate?
Where is my fragment?
Lost is the moment
Need to look back what we'd done with
They are still crying
Who can hold back this war of slaughter?
Ain't no one gotta refuse
It doesn't really matter
Betray myself to save the others' soul
Although I wanna get out of here

We will keep running
to replay the One-way Freedom