Selling Short
歌手:Dark Charybdis 暴噬者

Selling Short

Deep anxiety must take blame as the catalyst for this tragedy,
The fear of betrayal is the perfect reason,
Childhood memories are weaker than such an intense greed,
Unequal distribution is a fair exchange.
Entombed deep within the heart lies a burning desire to kill.

Desperate leaders without pride,
Who dies? Who will decide?
No way to change his mind,
“Old friend, I'll let your soul wander blind.”

The cold feeling of a gun, one on one, pushed against a brow.
Time’s up.
Insight right now, squeeze tight, fall down,
Lights out, no doubt looks like justice,
Blood across the floor.

Hardly time to say goodbye to the world.
One Desperado.
The afterlife reverberates with the thundering of revenge.

Deed is done,
The power remains just with one,
Greed is dead,
Ironic murder.
Greed is dead.
Not the end.

Life; death; what goes around, comes around,
Life for a life, without redemption.
There are dark reflections in an eternal souls,
And each life is but a mirror,
Satiates the minds that choose the path that causes pain and suffering,
Yet leads back to perpetual anguish.

The freedom to choose death based on a desire for blood,
Lifelong friends torn apart by what one god doth will;
The continuation of an endless cruel punishment.

“You wanna fuckin’ die? I will shoot your fuckin’ head off!!”