Stay A While

Stay A While

Can't you see there's something new
Between me and you
I don't know what you feel
But I knew my heart shook
When I see you
The way you move
Since that day
I can't take my eyes off you

When you slide
On the silver light and Milky Way
And I lie
With the stars above the atmosphere
So don't tell me
You never think about it
We can find the way

I can't help myself
Just to look you in the eyes
If you wanna try
We can make it right
Babe, just stay a while

No sense to defy the gravity
Have a seat
Got no harm to chill with me
For a minute
The dance we have
And the songs we share
Make everything so right

Don't be shy
We all have the nights and days
Take your time
Ain't no mean to complicate
I'll walk by your side
Figure out surprises with you
If you dare

As well, you just can't help yourself
To look into my eyes
If you wanna see
The possibilities
Babe, just stay a while

Hey It's a party going on there
說實在的 We just don't care
今晚 再也不一樣了
'Cause we'll start our adventure
Just the two of us
Mr. DJ 不斷播送著

We can't help ourselves
But crossing the fine line
See, you deserve to have
The best of me
Babe, just stay a while