Boom Bap With Conscious
歌手:老莫 ILL MO
2019-03-09 | 國語音樂
Boom Bap是Hip Hop音樂最純粹的樣貌。
KRS-One曾說這樣的音樂風格就是要用最少的器材去製作最具節奏的聲響 。這樣的狀聲詞更強調了它大鼓與小鼓的重要性——就是要夠大顆、夠硬、夠猛烈,帶有充沛的律動與能量,佐以經典MPC機器的取樣,既簡單也純粹,這才是Boom Bap風格的精華。
Conscious Rap常譯為意識饒舌或知性饒舌;這樣的風格的饒舌歌手,在歌曲內容中會以個人角度切入,進一步反應與審視社會中的種種亂象與問題。歌詞中承載的不止饒舌的技術,內容更有值得思考的諸多面向。

睽違已久未有正式作品的老莫聯手新銳製作人taro所打造的這首回歸作“Boom Bap With Conscious”,歌名開門見山,就是以最純的嘻哈曲風,給你最值得探究的饒舌歌詞。

Boom Bap is the purest form of Hip Hop.
KRS-One had stated that the style of Boom Bap "is to use the least amount of instruments to create the most amount of rhythmic sound". As an onomatopoeia, the Boom Bap emphasizes the importance of the kicks and snares--the sound has to be grand, hard-hitting, fierce, filled with abundant groove and energy. Moreover, to add a sample by applying the classic MPC machine, it is the solid essence of the style of Boom Bap.
Conscious Rap is often translated as "Awareness Rap" or "Intellectual Rap". Rappers in this category tend to observe from personal perspectives, as they reflect and examine social turbulence and problems. The rap lyrics of Conscious Rap contain more than rap techniques, the content provides even more aspects that are worth the thoughts of audience.
Young talent taro produced the long-awaited comeback single "Boom Bap With Conscious" by ILL MO . The name of the song is self-explanatory, it is the the purest form of hip hop with rap lyrics as food for thought.