歌手:陳樂基(Rocky Chan)
2019-05-17 | 國語音樂
陳樂基EP《Rocky Chan》文案


一步又一步的突破,解鎖更多的可能性。對於自我的審視及未來的規劃,陳樂基一直保持著清醒的步伐。終於,在擔任樂隊vocal的第15個年頭,音樂人——陳樂基,開啟了一次全新的體驗,發行了首張個人EP《Rocky Chan》。

可以說,《Rocky Chan》是陳樂基打開新世界大門的一串鑰匙,與Keith Stuart、C.Y.Kong等知名音樂製作人,去體驗音樂撞擊的刺激感,如同在賽車時所追尋的速度感。




如果你想瞭解Rocky陳樂基的“獨行之旅”,很簡單,打開這張EP。《Rocky Chan》包含了《讓世界聽見》、《浮雲》、《殺手鐧》、《好奇害死貓》、《夢天歌》五首歌曲,五種感悟,構成了陳樂基“五味雜陳”的音樂人生。



第一張個人的EP作品裡,依然有一個位置留給“殺手鐧”。這首對陳樂基有著特殊意義的歌曲,由Keith Stuart擔任作曲及編曲,與不同的音樂製作人合作,對於陳樂基而言,也是一件很過癮的事情。

音樂中所產生的化學反應,如同愛情一般奇妙。她就像貓咪,讓人走近不自覺,讓人深陷囹圄地試探掙扎,後來明白,這些朦朧雜亂到無可救藥的情愫,叫愛情。這是《Rocky Chan》裡僅有的一首愛情主題歌曲,對陳樂基來說也是一種新鮮的嘗試。


< Rocky Chan > EP plans
A new breakthrough after a self survey
An unprecedented solo journey

More and more possibilities have been discovered by each break through of single step. Rocky Chan has been keeping a sober mind about self-examination and the future plans. After being a band lead singer for 15 years, finally, Hong Kong musician Rocky Chan has started a brand new experience. He has released his first personal EP .
EP include 5 songs: , , , and . In this 5 different music genre, Rocky focus on the expression of sentimental colors more. Five different songs, five stage of life and five unique life perception which have formed Rocky's "I taste it all" music life.

"Let the world hear my name."
If car racing is an outlet for seeking freedom, then music is the throttle that drives the wheel of life for Rocky. Rocky brings his whole self into the song, where you can feel the power of Rock with every single note you hear.

All the living beings, What do you want to be?
Although the journey of life is like a bumpy ride, music is not. Rocky is like a floating cloud free and easy pass through the wind, as every preparation has already been casted as a new solid foundation, he just need to carry on.

In the first EP, there is still a place for . This song contains a special significance for Rocky. It is composed and arranged by Keith Stuart, and cooperated with different music producers. For Rocky, it is also a quite enjoyable thing.

The chemical reaction that goes on in music, it is as wonderful as love. Sometimes, You are like a cat that I will just be near to you unconsciously. Sometimes you are also like a cat that let me struggle from the deeply troubling, that also, there will be always something that is worthy of being profound concerned in the bottom of my heart. Later I aware that, this kind feeling from haze till breathless called “love”. This is the only love song in EP , and it is a fresh attempt, a novelty for both Rocky and his fans.

"Life is like a cycle continuously, who is the one of being a real fool"
Rocky seems let out the roar as his unique voice and heavy music can perfectly merge together , its like a call and warning. He applied his philosophies into music, which advocating people should be the gentle of the nature, let pollution haze and dust storm away from our lives.