歌手:康語騫(Harmony Kang)
2015-08-05 | 國語音樂
行走在愛之中 On the pathway of love
Notes of love,selflessly evoking the lonely soul, returning it to the rhythm of love.

Releasing Stress/ Lullaby/Self Healing

The Harmony Kang’s music effects are as follows:
1. 啟發自癒力,有助身心靈恢復健康平衡.
Helps the body, mind and soul to return to equilibrium.
2. 專輯中若有某些曲子讓您感到難過.請持續重複聆聽,每天至少十五分鐘,ㄧ直聽到聽這首曲不再讓您感到難過爲止. 這音樂像是悲傷的橡皮擦,能隨著聆聽次數的增加,悲傷遞減至完全消失.另外對有痛苦卻哭不出的人,這音樂有助於釋出淚水痛苦恢復平衡.這音樂釋放創傷的方式是讓你再經歷一次痛苦,那痛苦就釋放了.
If there are certain songs on the album that makes you feel more emotional, please repeat the song continuously for at least fifteen minutes a day, listen to this song until it no longer stirs these emotions. This music is like an emotional eraser, which helps the body resolve its emotions the more you listen, the more the sorrow diminishes until it disappears. In addition, for those who have pain but can't cry, this music helps to release the pain of tears and restore balance. The way this music releases trauma is to let you experience another pain, which releases the pain.
3.深度助眠 深度放鬆效果.
Allows deep sleep and stress relieve.
4.以耳機聆聽或睡覺時聽效果最好,CD片效果最佳.改善半枯的花, 加速花開
For best results, please use ear sets or listen while you sleep using a CD. Improve fertility of plant lives, can restore plants and speeds up the blooming process.
5.若當天聽完十五分鐘以上後 ,若仍感到悲傷,請接著聽其他語騫專輯中輕鬆的音樂,直到心情恢復為止.
If you still feel emotional after listening to fifteen minutes or more on the same day, please listen to the rest of the music in the album until the emotion is restored.
6.若您聽過一段時間後開始感覺不出效果,是因這音樂已為您完全調整好它所能調整的了. 每首曲子能調整的部分不同,這時建議聽語騫的其他專輯 :好聲幸福、愛的呼喚、愛的靈魂觸動、回家,以繼續調整其他尚未調整的部分
If you haven't feel the effect after listening to it for a while, it's because the music has been adjusted to you. Each tune works of different levels of the mind. It is recommended to listen to other albums: Happiness, Love calling , Touched by love's soul,Home bound to continue to adjust other unadjusted parts.
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推薦人 References
周德愷博士 美國自然醫學會副總裁及遠東區執行董事
Dr. De Kai Chou
Vice president of American Naturopathic Medical Association and Executive Director
呂應鐘博士 美國音樂院音樂治療研究所教授
Dr. Ying-Jong Leu
Professor of American Conservatory of Music school of Music Therapy
陳維廉 喜悅健康診所院長 Dr. William Chen Dean of nuliv clinic
郭若蘭 臨床心理師/舞蹈治療師
Kuo Daphne Clinical psychologist and Dance therapist

語騫自設的靈魂程式,須由跨過靈魂的傷痛,看透人性中最黑暗面的弱點,經歷此最深而真實的感受,作出動人的音樂, 敞開人類最真實的恐懼—失去自我的方向或價值,會帶給人類如何的毀滅與破壞,如同人類如何毀滅我們生存的外在與心靈環境, 透過最傷痛的音樂性,喚醒人類最深層的無意識,以保存人類文明的財產與無上的精神智慧,未來的語騫會是偉大的音樂家, 可以為人類找到內在的方向和價值。
Harmony Kang’s spiritual program requires her to overcome spiritual pain, witness the dark, vulnerable underbelly of humanity, and experience the deepest and most authentic feelings in order to produce music that tugs at the heartstrings of mankind and exposes its most genuine fears. The loss of direction and value in oneself can lead to self-destruction just as we humans destroy the external and spiritual environments we reside in. Through these melodies of utmost sorrow, the deepest parts of our unconscious mind are awakened to retain the wealth of human civilization and its supreme spiritual intelligence. In the future, Harmony Kang will achieve greatness as a musician by helping mankind discover its inner direction and value.

Review of Harmony Kang’s love healing energy music:
**絲絲流敞的細雨,接著看見小小的我自己在雨中淋雨,緩緩的蹲著,便又出現狂大的瀑布. 聽到菩薩說:永遠別忘記當初想來到這裡的喜悅. 菩薩用溫暖的佛手 以及白光撫摸著我的心,瞬間感受到楊枝甘露. 我哭著說:我無法原諒我自己,我覺得我遺忘了之前的願,我害怕我已經讓您失望.....菩薩我深深感謝著您.
流著淚, 慢慢地,看見菩薩把眼淚用瓶子接起.我害怕忘記這些您的愛,活著就是要勇敢,我會勇敢面對脆弱的自己。--靜蓮

她重新成為一個胚胎,再重新成長. –Adora

憂鬱症和失眠困擾了我十五年之久,我一直找不到可抒發情緒療癒的方式.我曾上過醫院的自我療癒課程-森田療法(一個月不說話, 真實面對自己)和馬偕醫院課程DBT(治療課程).另外還有心靈課程,包括Asia Work的覺醒 蛻變.直到我接觸語騫的能量音樂,這聽來輕鬆無負擔,加速釋放我對愛的恐懼,有時聽著聽著竟沒吃安眠藥就睡著了.平常我失眠藥量很重,醫生說我的藥可以迷昏四頭牛.當我終於找到這音樂後,我相信自己還有被愛 被尊重的自己找回來了.原本不吃藥會撞牆 享受痛感 現在不會了 以前想自殺也自殺過 但聽兩個月後 已不想自殺了 且開始享受到生命的美好
我非常感謝生命中出現這樣的音樂和語騫,她讓我見證這世界上還有奇蹟.我現在每天持續聽他音樂,繼續藉這音樂自我療癒, 這比以前好太多了.謝謝更高能量給我的禮物及語騫的音樂. –Lilian
I am a long-term sufferer of depression and insomnia. Normally, going off my medication would result in harmful behaviors, such as slamming my head against the wall for the rush of pain through my head just to feel alive. I could not find a medium for catharsis and healing in my fifteen longs years of suffering from depression and insomnia. I had tried attending self-healing courses in hospitals—Morita therapy (not speaking for one month and facing one’s introspections honestly) and the Dialectical Behavior Therapy course at Mackay Memorial Hospital—as well as spiritual courses such as Asia Work’s Awakening and Transformation courses. But then I discovered Harmony Kang’s positive energy music, whose soothing melodies helped release my fear of love; sometimes it lulls me to sleep even without sleeping pills. My usual dosage of insomnia medication was incredibly heavy, enough to knock out four cows according to my doctor. When I finally discovered this music, I started feeling loved and respected again and I no longer feel the urge to slam against the wall to feel pain when I’m off medication. My recurring suicidal behaviors and thoughts stopped after two months of listening and I started experiencing the wonders of life. I am very grateful for the presence of Harmony Kang and her music in my life, for she showed me that miracles do happen. I continue my self-healing by listening to her music every day, and my life is so much better than before because of it. I am so thankful for this gift from the higher power and for Harmony Kang’s music. — Lilian

幸福心靈振動音樂作曲 全球和平聯盟和平大使、
美國自然醫學會台灣分會保健師、臼井、卡魯那靈氣 師父級

Harmony Kang
Love healing energy music composer
Awarded the Ambassador of Peace by the Universal Peace Federation,
Fitness and Health Pro of ANMA
Master level of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki