歌手:Tenzin Dolkar
2019-11-15 | 國語音樂
Tenzin Dolkar 樂隊首發專輯——一場關於我們是誰的實驗。



主打歌《Cage》來源於樂隊成員間共用的不安。當身體的勞累與精神的快樂脫節,自然而然就會開始思考束縛和自由的關係,想要開展一場拋棄身體的逃離。然而現實是,我們鮮少有勇氣衝破囚籠,更遑論在時刻緊繃的狀態下找到一條精神解壓之路。探索自由是否是只存在於曾經的命題、不停的Runing,runing, runing後會通向哪裡是這場實驗的初衷,希望你能在這張專輯裡找到答案。

Tenzin Dolkar's debut album - An experiment about who we are.

The first album is called EXISTED. It aims to narrate the past, the present and the future struggle of our hearts, and explain our defects and integrity through murmuring mixed with distorted waveforms and explosive emotions.

Intro "Yeti" is inspired by snow monsters in the Himalayas. The monsters created by rock music and atmosphere electronics are full of contradictions and integration of ancient and pioneer, primitive and modern, nature and technology. Its specific image is hidden in the heart of the band's doubts about themselves and the world.

The main song "Cage" comes from the uneasiness shared by the band members. When the physical fatigue and spiritual happiness are out of touch, it will naturally start to think about the relationship between bondage and freedom, and want to carry out a flight to abandon the body. However, the reality is that we seldom have the courage to break through the prison, let alone find a way to decompress in a tense state. Explore whether freedom only exists in the past proposition, running, running, and where it will lead to after running is the original intention of this experiment. I hope you can find the answer in this album.