Dream of You (with R3HAB)
歌手:金請夏(CHUNG HA)
2020-11-27 | 西洋音樂
K-pop歌手金請夏與世界知名DJ兼製作人R3HAB推出合作單曲《Dream of You (with R3HAB)》。這首迷人的舞曲作品,以其厚重的house舞曲氛圍及厚重的bassline風格來喚醒你的耳朵。前奏的人聲切入以及整首曲目的編排,都使得這支作品更具魅力。弦樂、銅管與人聲彼此和諧共鳴,呈現出一首夢幻般的復古舞曲,讓你忍不住起舞。

單曲的官方MV與單曲同日發行,金請夏在這支短片中,細緻入微地演繹五個不同的角色,呈現出一個屬於她的音樂劇作品。展示了金請夏從剛剛夢醒時的自然美,到她流露的力量感,再到對於她性格中柔軟一面的呈現,《Dream of You (with R3HAB)》是一場屬於CHUNG HA的充滿浪漫與優雅的魔法大秀。

出生于韓國,在德克薩斯州的Dallas長大的金請夏,在全球都具有極大的號召力,是韓國頂級的獨立藝人之一。在作為女子組合I.O.I的成員活動之後,金請夏發佈了個人的首支單曲《Why Don’t You Know》,這支單曲使她獲得了第七屆Gaon榜音樂大賞的年度最佳新人(單曲)提名。

自此之後,金請夏登頂了一個有一個榜單,在全球各個地區不斷樹立與突破一個個屬於自己的里程碑。Billboard將她2019年發行的單曲《Gotta Go》列入年末 "2019年25首最佳K-pop歌曲 "榜單中的第3名,這首單曲同時也被Billboard列入 "2010年代最偉大的100首K-Pop歌曲 "榜單,並且目前仍然是Spotify上韓國個人歌手資料量最高的歌曲之一。她最近發行的單曲《Stay Tonight》首發即在Billboard世界數字歌曲銷售榜上排名第4。金請夏同時也是今年在Billboard世界數字歌曲銷售榜上排名第二的K-Pop女歌手。

作為韓國斬獲多個白金唱片獎項的藝人,也是YouTube搜索量排名第四的K-Pop女偶像,金請夏的音樂在全球各平臺的流媒體播放量累積已超10億次。金請夏是目前最受歡迎的韓國歌手之一,曾與Rich Brian、Christopher等國際音樂家合作。她的最新單曲《Dream of You (with R3HAB)》,預計將進一步確立金請夏的國際影響力。

K-Pop solo artist CHUNG HA releases "Dream of You (with R3HAB)” as a collaborative single with world famous DJ & Producer R3HAB. The song is a sultry dance anthem that will excite your ears with its house influences and thick bassline. The vocal chopping elements heard within the intro and arranged throughout the song make it even more charismatic. A beautiful harmony of strings, brass, and vocoder, “Dream of You (with R3HAB)” is a dreamy retro song that you can’t help but dance to.

Releasing day and date with the single, the official music video for the song is CHUNG HA’s own musical that presents five nuanced characters over the course of the short video. From showcasing her natural beauty, having just woken up from a dream, to the way she radiates power, to the gentleness of her character, “Dream of You (with R3HAB)” is a truly fantastic magical show of romance and elegance.

Born in South Korea but raised in Dallas, TX, CHUNG HA’s global appeal has led her to become one of the top solo artists in Korea. After her time as a member of the project girl-group I.O.I, CHUNG HA’ debut single as a solo artist “Why Don’t You Know” was nominated for New Artist of the Year (Song) at the 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards.

From that point on, CHUNG HA has topped chart after chart, reaching and breaking milestones across various territories around the world. Billboard included her 2019 single “Gotta Go” as #3 on their year-end "25 Best K-pop Songs of the 2019" list. “Gotta Go” was also included on Billboard's "The 100 Greatest K-Pop Songs of the 2010s" list and remains one of the most streamed songs by a Korean soloist on Spotify. Her recent single, “Stay Tonight” debuted at #4 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. She is the second highest charting K-Pop female soloist to be placed on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart this year.

Already a multi-platinum artist in Korea and the 4th most searched K-pop female idol on YouTube, her music has amassed over 1 billion streams across platforms worldwide. CHUNG HA is now one of the most sought-after soloists coming from Korea, having collaborated with global stars including Rich Brian and Christopher. Her latest single “Dream of You” with highly-acclaimed DJ and producer R3HAB will further establish CHUNG HA as a global phenomenon.