How We Used To
歌手:Stephanie Poetri
2021-01-14 | 西洋音樂
Stephanie Poetri通過內心私密的獨白以及與日益增長的心痛對話,來面對生活的改變,並反觀一段關係的早逝。Stephanie用新作《How We Used To》揭示自我在遷徙半球為了追尋歌手事業的發展,而不得不面對的猶豫與艱難中那些脆弱與透明的時刻。

專輯《AM : PM》以音樂企劃的形式將Stephanie輕快的白日夢與肅穆的午夜質詢一併展現。曲目們一以貫之地呈現出一個完整的,從充滿希望、活力與愛意的早上到沉浸在自我情緒中憂鬱的夜晚,所具有的雙重性的情緒線。從明快的唱腔與和聲開始,隨後進入由柔軟的吉他與貝斯構築的R&B段落。從首至尾聆聽,《AM : PM》將帶領聽眾從白天到夜晚無縫過渡。

印尼流行音樂界“冉冉升起的新星”Stephanie Poetri自出道以來,就備受Teen Vogue、E!Online等媒體的讚譽,AllMusic稱其具有“甜美的極富旋律性的演唱風格”。自她突破性的單曲“I Love You 3000”大獲成功之後,這位印尼/美國籍歌手、唱作者和製作人通過她深受大眾喜愛的流行音樂和視頻作品獲得了全世界範圍內的關注,也向大眾展示了她充滿娛樂精神的個人特質。在最近的iHeart電臺和迪士尼電臺定期輪播節目中,這位19歲的歌手獲得了iHeart電臺的音樂獎項提名,此前她剛剛在韓國最受矚目的年度音樂頒獎典禮MAMA上獲得了印尼區最佳亞洲新人獎。

In an intimate monologue and speaking on the crescendos of heartache, Stephanie tackles change in her life and reflects upon the untimely end of a relationship. In a vulnerable and transparent moment, Stephanie reveals in “How We Used To” the hesitations and hardships of moving halfway across the world to pursue her career as an artist.

‘AM : PM’ manifests Stephanie’s light hearted daydreams and solemn midnight queries in the form of a musical project. The flow of the tracklist represents the duality between emotions that can arise during the morning (hopeful, energized, love) versus the evening (in your feelings, somber, melancholy). Starting with bright acoustic sounds and harmonies then leading into elements of R&B (soft guitar and bass), ‘AM : PM’ transitions seamlessly from day to night sonically when you listen to the tracks from top to bottom.

Named a “rising global pop star” by InqPOP!, Stephanie Poetri has received acclaim from outlets like Teen Vogue, E! Online, and AllMusic, which have praised her “sweetly melodic style.” Since her breakthrough hit “I Love You 3000,” Indonesian/American singer, songwriter and producer Stephanie Poetri has connected with audiences worldwide through her accessible pop songs and videos showcasing her fun-loving personality. In regular rotation on iHeart Radio and Radio Disney, the 20-year-old is currently nominated for an iHeartRadio Music Award in the wake of winning Best New Asian Artist-Indonesia at MAMA, South Korea’s leading annual music awards show.

Her feel-good vibe, optimistic lyrics and cupcake-sized songs offering a delicious mix of acoustic and electric instrumentation with sprinkles of EDM, have whetted the appetites of over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 973,000+ subscribers on YouTube.