歌手:金請夏(CHUNG HA)
2021-02-15 | 韓語音樂


金秋子,是上世紀60年代末開啟迷幻搖滾和靈魂樂新模式的 "申正賢團隊 "中最知名的歌姬,她為樂壇帶去像Janis Joplin那樣激進而感性的魅力。金元萱在80年代引領了K-Pop新浪潮的時代,並將新浪潮搖滾和Synthpop帶入主流視野,開啟了一個前所未有的舞曲新時代。90年代,嚴正花的出現,引領了更加先鋒的視覺和富有感性魅力的音樂,隨後李孝利將原汁原味的Hip-Hop和R&B帶入韓語流行世界,BoA則以全球流行歌手的身份一躍而起,改變了K-Pop的模式。所有的Diva們都值得被銘記,他們是創造流行音樂時代轉捩點的歷史見證。

那麼,在當下的K-Pop舞臺之上,誰能將Diva們的傳奇延續呢?在過去幾年主要以團體形式為單位而建立起來的韓流偶像市場之上,金請夏作為少有的偶像類型,以舞臺表演者的形象崛起,用她獨有的爆發力俘獲了大眾的心,同時她迷人的嗓音也為她作為solo歌手的身份活動而打響了名號,請夏用不斷發展的事業成績證明著自己的潛力。通過與不同氣質不同流派的藝人,從偶像藝人到R&B/hip-hop歌手,再到來自88rising的Rich Brian,廣泛地開展合作,請夏持續地拓展著自己的視野與邊界。她的首張正式全長專輯《Querencia》正是對於她在音樂領域更大膽的嘗試與更豐富細節的展示。


K-Pop’s new diva, found in the jewelry box called “Querencia”.

Divas have a very special presence in the history of Korean popular music.

Kim Choo-ja, the most famous singer of the “Team Shin Jung-hyeon” that opened a new paradigm for psychedelic rock and soul in the late 1960s, presented radical and sensual charisma like Janis Joplin and Kim Wan-sun led the age of the new wave K-Pop in the 80s and brought new wave rock and synthpop into the mainstream, opening a new era of never-before-seen dance music. The emergence of Uhm Jung Hwa led to even more trendy visuals and sensual music in the 90s, Lee Hyori brought authentic hip-hop and R&B into the mainstream, and BoA changed the paradigm for K-Pop by taking a leap as a global pop star. All divas deserve to be remembered as historical events that created turning points of the ages.

So who is the diva that will carry on this legacy in the current K-Pop scene? Seldomly occurring in the idol market that has been reestablished in group units over the past few years, CHUNG HA rose as a performer to capture the public’s heart with her explosive energy, while making a name for herself as a solo vocalist with a captivating voice, proving her own potential with her career. Through collaborations with artists that belong to various music scenes and genres, from idols to R&B/hip-hop artists, and 88rising’s Rich Brian, CHUNG HA has broadened her horizon and evolved. Her first official full-length album “Querencia” shows even bolder directionality and richer details in her musical endeavor.

Her official 21-track album encompasses various contemporary pop and dance music styles that cross the boundaries of house, Latin, afrobeat, and bass. “Querencia” is divided into four chapters based on the jump-off points of conceptual tracks in the themes of Noble, Savage, Unknown, and Pleasures. While the contrast of opposing and intense concepts that each of the chapters symbolize are grossing genres, they constitute CHUNG HA’s artistic identity as she completes her own universe through complex and diverse narratives of emotion.