2021-02-28 | 國語音樂


《ZENWAVE》除了呈現高浩哲的心境轉變,同也體現其耕耘多年的音樂思維之躍升。除了足以代表其音樂風格的808 Trap,不論是80’s帶有Cyberpunk科幻風味的Synth Sound、國際潮流上逐漸嶄露頭角的Drill,甚至是嘗試搖滾、House等跨界曲風。他並不滿足只被定義為一線陷阱歌手。




The concept of “Zen” originated from ancient Sanskrit(ध्यान,dhyāna),which
means quiet down one’s mind, putting one’s heart into a singular focus. “Zen” can be
interpreted as a behavioral pattern based on “tranquility”. One can only move
forward by slowing down and earn more by empting out. Through the meditation of
tranquility, erasing all the noise inside, that we can strengthen our mind and develop
higher intelligence.
Since the album《SCORCH》focus on the struggle of young generation released
in 2019, here comes the fifth album《ZENWAVE》from Taiwanese trap king K-How.
After many year’s ups and downs, K-How went through various different emotions,
anger, sadness, ecstasy…etc. This time K-How chose to transcend worldly

attachment, restart from a inner status of “Zen”, disregarding all the external hustle,
leaving only pure mindfulness in his heart, K-How is no longer lost, no matter life or
his creations, he goes with his own flow and keep moving forward.
What《ZENWAVE》presented is not only the mental changes of K-How, but also
the development of his music aesthetic over the years, except his iconic sounds of
trap 808s or synth sound with 80’s cyberpunk characteristic, he even try to combines
elements of Rock, House Music into this album, showing that he’s not satisfied with
only being a trap music artist.
The all-star production team are comprised of Helicrew’s main producer Raylo, the
usual suspect – singer/electronic music producer Dusa Naga, he also invited the
well-known Taiwanese hip-hop producer ROLLMEAJOIENTYELLA who’re known
for countless award-winning hit songs that he produced for across mandarin hip hop
scene, from artists like Taiwan’s hip hop superstar MJ116 to Chinese top hip hop
artists like BRIDGE、MACOVERSEAS to participate in the beat-making process.
From album’s sound selection, visual artwork to the subtle details in his music video,
K-How implement lots of local folklore culture including imagery of Nezha. who died
fighting the upper class and finally succeeded in the confrontation, which K-How
symbolized himself as Nezha, sacrificing his life for young generation in Taiwan,
expressing the conflict in between different generations and traditional values thru
his music.
K-HOW continues his dark style on top of strong album concept, production team,
no matter if he succeeds or not, K-HOW’s already leaving marks on this never-
returning path.