All That
歌手:Ylona Garcia
2021-03-03 | 西洋音樂
年僅18歲的菲律賓-澳大利亞童星女歌手Ylona Garcia正迅速成為菲律賓娛樂圈最知名的名字之一。Ylona是一個真正的天生藝人,她在菲律賓真人秀節目《Pinoy Big Brother》 中首次亮相出道,隨後發行了她個人的首張專輯《My Name is Ylona Garcia》,隨即斬獲菲律賓PARI認證的金唱片大獎。

在此次2021年的首支單曲《All That》中,Ylona Garcia邁出了新的腳步,這支單曲是她對於世界的充滿熱情的宣言,她回來了,這次的她剝離了自我生活中有害的部分,慶祝對過往的告別,最終成長為了更好的自己。Ylona在過去的一年中,經歷了自我和個人創作共同成長的時期,她得以磨練自己的技藝,並繼續以更好的姿態去迎接未來雖已廣受讚譽,但仍年輕和充滿潛力的旅程。這支作品的發佈,作為Ylona Garcia與她的粉絲們一起進入新的創作航程的首次揚帆,並共同慶祝她新的開始和光明的未來,以及對接下來無限驚喜的預演。 這首單曲由Ylona Garcia與Peter Hanna(Jonas Brothers,The Chainsmokers,Lindsey Stirling)和格萊美提名的Michael Fatkin(Nathasha Bedingfield,Hillsong United)共同製作完成,他們為塑造這支作品所呈現的音樂世界貢獻了很大的力量。

At only 18 years old, Filipino-Australian songstress and child star Ylona Garcia is swiftly becoming one of the most recognizable names in Filipino entertainment. A true born and natural entertainer, Ylona made her entertainment debut on the Filipiino reality TV series “Pinoy Big Brother” and went on to release her debut album “My Name is Ylona Garcia”, which has since been certified PARI-certified Gold in the Philippines.

In her first single of 2021, Ylona Garcia puts a new foot forward as she releases “All That” as an anthemic statement to the world that she’s back as she strips away toxicity in her life and celebrates leaving the past behind as she grows into a more refined version of herself. Ylona has tackled the past year head on, going through an immense period of personal and creative growth as she hones in on her craft and continues on her already acclaimed but young and budding journey as an artist. She releases this song as a celebration alongside her fans of a new start and bright future - as the first voyage into a new creative voyage alongside them with the assurance that there’s much to come. She crafts this song alongside Peter Hanna (Jonas Brothers, The Chainsmokers, Lindsey Stirling) and Grammy nominated Michael Fatkin (Nathasha Bedingfield, Hillsong United) who helped shape the sonic world around the song.