歌手:Stephanie Poetri
2021-03-12 | 西洋音樂
AM:PM是一張集合了輕快的白日夢,黃昏的消亡和午夜肅穆的質詢的專輯。在過去一年半的時間裡,新晉的年輕音樂人Stephanie Poetri充滿活力不斷更新的創作思想,也在其中得以展現。在她的首張EP中,Stephanie向她的聽眾敞開心靈的港灣,邀請大家走入她的思考、希望、夢想、猶豫與夢境。曲目們一以貫之地呈現出一個完整的音樂脈絡,從充滿希望、活力與愛意的早上到沉浸在自我情緒中憂鬱的夜晚,從首至尾聆聽,《AM:PM》將帶領聽眾從白天到夜晚無縫過渡。

在EP的主打作品“Paranoia”中,Stephanie讓她最黑暗的情緒與最深沉的恐懼浮上表層,寫出情緒是如何將人吞沒。關於這首單曲Stephanie表示:“這支作品是關於當生活一帆風順的時候,你仿佛只是在等待一切急轉直下的時刻,最後所有的問題都在你的腦海中打轉”。這首單曲的製作也契合了作品所傳達的情緒,歌曲最初的時鐘滴答聲像是倒數計時,讓人沉入被生活圍獵的歌曲氛圍。這首單曲由Stephanie的老搭檔Wes Singerman (Kendrick Lamar, Olivia O'Brian) 、Taylor Dexter (Olivia O'Brian) 以及 Heavy Mellow (Halsey, Jhene Aiko, Kid Cudi)共同參與制作完成。

在她突破性的單曲“I Love You 3000”大獲成功之後,Stephanie開始了屬於她的全新創作之旅,與Ojivolta (Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, Halsey)、Doc Daniel (Pink Sweat$, Tate McRae, Kaash Paige)、Wes Singerman (Kendrick Lamar, Olivia O'Brian)、Heavy Mellow (Halsey, Jhene Aiko, Kid Cudi)等多位知名製作人一起共同打磨她的聲音。“AM:PM”是Stephanie通過音樂對周邊敞開懷抱的世界發出的邀請,向世界開放她的天地、她的思想與她的音樂旅程。

‘AM:PM’ is a collection of light hearted daydreams, afternoon ruinations and solemn midnight queries that have passed through budding young artist Stephanie Poetri’s vibrant and ever active creative mind over the past year and a half. In her debut EP, Stephanie opens up the safe haven of her mind to her fans and invites them into her thoughts, hopes, dreams, hesitations, and dreams. The flow of the tracklist represents the duality between the hopeful, energized, and light emotions that can arise during the morning contrasted with the reflective and sometimes melancholy tone of the evening and the tracklisting is arranged to bring fans through the sonic journey from day to night.

On the focus single of the EP, "Paranoia", Stephanie lets her darkest emotions and deepest fears settle to the surface as she writes about how your emotions can eat you alive. Speaking on the track Stephanie says "it's basically about when everything is going so well, too well that you're just waiting for the moment it doesn't and that ends up being the issue just being too in your head". The production on the song echoes the sentiment of living in your head with the eerily haunting sound of the clock ticking at the forefront of the song. The track was produced by frequent collaborators Wes Singerman (Kendrick Lamar, Olivia O'Brian) and Taylor Dexter (Olivia O'Brian) as well as Heavy Mellow (Halsey, Jhene Aiko, Kid Cudi).

After the remarkable success of breakout global hit “I Love You 3000”, Stephanie has embarked on a new creative journey, crafting her sound alongside a lauded class of collaborators including Ojivolta (Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, Halsey), Doc Daniel (Pink Sweat$, Tate McRae, Kaash Paige), Wes Singerman (Kendrick Lamar, Olivia O’Brian), Heavy Mellow (Halsey, Jhene Aiko, Kid Cudi). 'AM:PM' is Stephanie’s sonic and open invitation to her world, mind, and her journey as she continues to open herself through her music to the eagerly waiting world around her.