How Many (Remix)
歌手:Guapdad 4000
2021-06-11 | 西洋音樂
格萊美提名和多白金唱片藝人Guapdad 4000與製作人!llmind,用合作的第一首單曲“How Many”引起了觀眾們的注意,這首單曲來自他們參與的LP專案“1176”。他們的主打單曲採樣自1999年Alice DJ的 “Better Off Alone”。專輯發行後,這兩位天才攜與身為饒舌歌手、企業家和唱片公司高管Rick Ross的Remix版“How Many”回歸。公告牌排行榜巨星裡克•羅斯(Rick Ross)分享了Guapdad 4000的“How Many”,並對其表現出的創造力大加讚賞,這使得Belaire旗下的Black Bottle Boys發行的Remix版也變得非常悅耳。Rick Ross已經混跡說唱圈多時,他先前在Drake的“Lemon Pepper Freestyle”中亮相,現在與奧克蘭的Guapdad 4000在“How Many (Remix)”中也有合作。

隨著羅斯標誌性的文字遊戲的加入,融合眾多令人著迷而又先鋒另類的採樣加上層疊的808s節拍,Guapdad 4000持續為聽眾展示著他能夠為Hip-Hop帶來的不可思議的創造力,這種創造力能夠帶著你一起調動神經共赴他的音樂旅行。

2020年7月,88rising推出他們的首個姐妹廠牌PARADISE RISING,致力於在全球範圍內構築與推廣菲律賓的藝術家們,同時Guapdad 4000成為其首批正式簽約者之一,目前該廠牌即將與Guapdad 4000共同合作推出專案,並由!llmind擔綱製作人。二人的合作,不僅基於他們共同的對於音樂的熱愛,也是基於他們相似的文化背景。作為獲得格萊美提名的多白金菲律賓裔美籍製作人,!llmind曾與Kanye West, Drake, Ariana Grande, J Cole, Dr. Dre等多位藝術家合作,並參與了Lin-Manuel Miranda Hamilton Mixtape的製作。而對於Guapdad 4000來說,作為一個身在奧克蘭的黑人與菲律賓混血孩子,由祖母撫養、去菲律賓教堂、加之叛逆的青少年時期,種種成長經歷形成獨特的敘事,為他的作品增添了別樣的生命力與色彩。

Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum recording artist Guapdad 4000 alongside producer !llmind caught the audience's attention with the first single “How Many” from their joint LP project ‘1176.’ Their lead single was set to a gripping sample based on Alice DJ’s 1999 song “Better Off Alone.” Post-album release, the two talents return with a remix to “How Many” with rapper, entrepreneur and record executive mogul Rick Ross. The Billboard juggernaut Rick Ross shared praise and excitement of Guapdad 4000’s creativity in “How Many,” resulting in the Belaire affiliates Black Bottle Boys’ enticing remix. Rick Ross has been busy in the world of rap with his recent appearance on Drake’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” and now his featured collaboration with Oakland’s own, Guapdad 4000 on “How Many (Remix).”

With the addition of Ross’ iconic wordplay and blending the mesmerizing yet unorthodox sample with layered 808s, iconic word Guapdad 4000 continues to showcase the uncanny creativity he brings to hip-hop and to a fan base that’s excited to journey with him.

In July 2020, 88rising launched their first sister label PARADISE RISING, dedicated to establishing and promoting Filipino artists globally - with Guapdad 4000 becoming one of its first official signees. The label released the ‘1176’ album in March 2021, by Guapdad 4000 and produced front to back by !llmind. The collaboration between the two is grounded not only by their love for music but also by their shared cultural background: A Grammy-winning multi-platinum Filipino-American producer, !llmind has worked with artists such as Kanye West, Drake, Ariana Grande, J Cole, Dr. Dre as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton Mixtape. For Guapdad 4000, the narrative of growing up as a Black-Filipino kid in Oakland, being raised by Grandma, going to Filipino church, and wild teenage experiences adds life and color to the project.