iT-jo.'s Mental Test (Instrumental Version)
2021-10-25 | 國語音樂
iT-jo.'s Mental Test (also a title for a short film) is the first EP album presented in electronic pop song style from the pop song singer iT-jo. In this album, the compositions of songs, lyrics or lead singing are made and performed by iT-jo. himself. In this album, iT-jo. mainly talks about the darkest shadow in the past, and produces 6 songs, each describes sophisticated things he has learned that bring different feelings.

"Am I a Robot?" is the opening song that is ambient pop music, it talks about the differences and commonalities between humans and robots, and is the first impression of a piece of memory; the song "It's Time to Die" featuring a dark electronic trend and describes how in the past society, humans always forced iT-jo. to play the most realistic mind games, and it made him experience the cruelest side of man’s heart; "Blue And I" tells a story of following pop cultures along with piano and electronic music, of attempts of trying to run away or even give up everything after experiencing too many betrayals, but as long as he looks afar at the deep blue sky and the blue sea, his heart is set free and relieved; the shiny and yet simple electronic dance music "Strangely Cool" simply wants to express that a fusion of oddity and cool is his attitude; the only emotional song "No One Here But Me" in the album talks about the feelings of only pain, melancholy and loneliness left over after experiencing and witnessing everything; "iT-jo.'s Mental Test" is a film score (and also the theme song of the short film) that perfectly lifts the spirits, and is the best transition song for showing iT-jo.’s unique personality gradually entering a mature stage!