Casual Day
歌手:The Whisperer
2022-05-13 | 西洋音樂
《Casual Day》是柔合生活中發生的幾個問題為題創作,並將其分成兩個部分,第一部分,由日常缺乏某種衝勁的想像作為敍述,將這些不太符合現實邏輯的夢境,透過合理化的方式變成發洩的需求;第二部分,記錄某種可能想被遺忘的記憶,用不明確的語彙來表達某件事情,以及透過虛幻的構想將事情加以進行渲染,使其變成一種對於記憶的寄託。
The Whisperer 以劑量的形式進行製作,使 EP 裡的每首歌曲各具特徵。《Casual Day》雖然保留對復古瞪鞋音色的想像,但更加大膽地在製作上運用當代音色的想法,徘徊在節奏輕快的歌曲中穿插,使極其簡短的樂句包含更多細膩的感覺,追求夢幻流行音樂的極致想像。

【The Whisperer - Whispering is the way to speak up for ourselves.】
The Whisperer was found in 2016. Aiming to create an atmosphere that allows people to escape from reality, The Whisperer found the perfect balance of Dream-pop and Shoegaze. While the lyrics focus more on the inner thoughts that drift through our minds daily, the overall tone of the music brightens up with the laidback beats.
【Casual day is a topic of a combination of dilemmas that occurs in life. 】

It all begins with the lack of motivation in daily lives; it is hard to balance reality and causality. But when the act of resting doesn't seem to fit the ‘reality logic,’ we usually call it a dream to rationalize and fulfill the mental desires.

The other half of this dilemma is to record some memory that is meant to be forgotten or cannot be described verbally. We tend to render our empty fantasies to find belonging instead of labeling them as simple as a side effect of the hippocampus.