My Own Way (Single Version)
歌手:Duran Duran
專輯:Singles Box 81 - 85

My Own Way (Single Version)

I got my way of life and i won't back down or apologize
For things i cannot change guess i gotta do things my own way
And i don't give a damn if you got a problem with who i am
Cause i don't give a fuck you wanna change me well you're outta luck
I don't think that i could never ever change
And i don't know if i would want to anyway
And i don't care if never live to see the day
We can compromise i'm doing things my own way
It's so hard to believe that we can see the world so differently
We don't realize cause we can't see the world through each other's eyes
We'll never understand i don=t think that anybody can
I won't change anyway guess were both just stubborn stuck in our ways
I don't care if you never see the world like i do