True Love

True Love

歌曲:True Love
作詞:Yoon Il Sang
作曲:Yoon Il Sang
I know what you say is true
When you tell me I love you
But I have never learn to listen to your heart
Until you walk out of my life
Why I'm always just a fool
Never listen to your heart
Of all the tears that I've had for you
Can you please come back to me
To all the memories that we share
Can you come back to me
To all the pain that we've been through
So can you girl please come back to my life
Cause I know what I have said and done
And I know what I am is being just a fool
Until the day I hold you back to my arms
My heart will never heal
And I know how much pain
I've brought to you
You should see that I love you with all my heart and soul
Until the end of the world yes I know
I'll never give away
I'll never want to lost you again
Forever dreaming for you for me now and ever
And I swear that I will make you smile until we grow old