If I Was Your Man
歌手:Blake Shelton
專輯:The Blake Shelton Collection

If I Was Your Man

If I was a cloudI'd make baby raindropsAnd they'd feed the treetopsIf I was a cloudIf I was the sunI'd shine on the flowersAnd pass on the powerIf I was the sunIf I was the moonI'd caress every oceanIn celestial motionIf I was the moonIf I was a starCharmed and enchantedAll wishes would be grantedIf I was a starIf I was your manThe kisses would lingerI'd melt in your fingersIf I was your manIf I was your manWe'd share every showerAnd wash away the hours, babyIf I was your manIf I was a songI'd reach all the peopleFrom barrooms to steeplesIf I was a songIf I was a dreamI'd be sweeter than honeyI'd be bigger than moneyIf I was a dreamIf I was your manWe'd dance through the daisiesThey'd say we were crazy girlIf I was your manIf I was your manI'd pump you with this passionYou'd get moreThan fashion, babyIf I-I-I was your manYou would not have to hurryI'd rub away your worries girlIf I was your manIf I was your manThen we'd be togetherNow and forever, babyIf I was your manAnd if we were loveWe'd heal every nationWe'd be on everybody's stationIf we were loveIf I was your manSweet lovin' manIf I was your manIf I was your man