Möbius feat. Mako

Möbius feat. Mako

Möbius feat. Mako
重複在同樣的街 流連同樣的容顏
藏多少悲歡離別 藏多深刻的情節
綻開了傷一遍遍 散落的疤痕片片
無盡的日日夜夜 無盡日日夜夜

重複在同樣的街 留戀同樣的容顏
藏多少悲歡離別 藏多深刻的情節
重蹈愛和背叛間 就像花與蝶依戀
始終不斷尋找 和希望的繾綣

Broken faith will be buried by dust and times
Broken heart will never be the same again
When your broken soul falls from the paradise
You hope someone hold you but there's no one waiting for you
There's no one waiting for you
Waiting for you

Does god exists?
This is my sin, my pills, my drank, my pain make me rhyme this
This is the game with only one life, I`m try’na make a living
This is the strife, The struggle I left on these fuckin` papers
This is my life, my whisper in my ill mind chamber
Sometimes it’s hard to separate and realize these fuckin` fiction
Fact that full of lies, and these fuckin cray conviction
I got bittersweet but no throne, no answer
Everything is my victims That is why I never preach, sucka!