Wild Child (duet with Grace Potter)
歌手:Kenny Chesney
專輯:The Big Revival 音樂復興

Wild Child (duet with Grace Potter)

Looks like a Royal in a thrift store dress
Keeps my heart and her hair a mess
She goes where the wind suggests she goes, who knows
Got a spirit that can't be tamed
She's a calico pony on an open plain
I know I'll never be the same no more, for sure
She's a wild child

Gotta rebel soul and a whole lot of gypsy
Wild style
She can't be tied down, but for a while I'll

Be falling free and so alive
Might break my heart, but God she drives me
Wild child

Never heard of her favorite band
'Less you've been to Bonnaroo or Burning Man
She's Penny Lane in a Chevy van
She loves to love
She loves me wild child


She'll be here until she runs
Some just have to chase the sun
She's a wild child


Wild child
A kaleidoscope of colors
In her mind child
A touch of crazy hides behind her
Wild smile
So simple yet experimental
Innocent, but still a little
Wild child