Lil Gurl
專輯:醒著不醉 Stay Sober

Lil Gurl

I should have came here with my blazer
You should have came here with desire
and I won’t make you stand alone in the corner
come with me babe l’ve got a plan

Oh even if you fold my eyes
Imma still be a stranger
even if your hands are in my pants

Oh maybe if I shut this down
You’ll still be a game changer
Oh baby stop giving any headaches
And all the lights will always shine

On you oh little girl
You got me going like a little girl l
Please don’t keep your soul
Cuz I won’t keep mine when I’m out of control

I should have take another chance on you
Cuz you’ve been avoiding me all time
and now let’s get into another room
Where there’s not any bottle of wine
All my lies are true
Cuz i’ve been acting like I hate to make the next move
And I just can’t stand still oh baby
Cuz my body has been intruded by you