Michael Jordan (feat. Hypesetterz) (Remix)
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Michael Jordan (feat. Hypesetterz) (Remix)

Lately, baby, I been tryna find my way out
I was on the stage like B-Rabbit in 8 Mile
Sh change, we switched lane and blew up
All those people we ain't fuck with
Now pretending like they knew us
Yeah, we grew up some screw ups
But we worked hard for this shit
I'm tryna do this for mah brothers, so they all go legit
Yo, it's 2018, you know the deck ain't secure
20 racks, you really want, that's my tag for a verse
I'm sayin'
I went and got it on my own
I need a bottle of P with backwoods
I'm in my zone, I been home alone, just call me Macaulay Culkin
The shatter
I smoke is blonde, I'm callin' it Dolley Parton
Sorry, I bag your pardon, I'm flying somewhere maxing