歌手:Michael Kaneko


Someday when I'm older and my body starts to break
And my mind begins to fall apart
Will you lead the way
Cause I don't think I'm strong enough to
Face the world
I can barely hold on to this light
I always seem to end up feeling
So afraid
I hate not knowing what the future has in store
I always end up wanting more
Will I fade away
I got friends who love me but I always complicate
Fighting my own demons
I don't think I can last anymore than
A day all alone
I've seen the dark, and I've seen it grow
Will I ever breakaway
Promise me
That you'll never leave
I can barely breathe on my own
And when you leave this world someday
I hope that I will be
Stronger than I was yesterday
And our memories will keep me warm until the end of time
And I'll be free
I can barely hold on to this light
I hope to god that I will make it out alive