You should’ve seen us
In the sunshine
When the air was clean,
I’ll never sleep the way I had
in that house by the stream.

But now we’re here, my love,
In the afternoon,
And wicked rains will move us away,
From that time all too soon.

You should’ve seen you,
in the moonlight when the wind was calm,
You’ll never sleep the way
you did
In that field bellow its beams.

Sometimes you hold back
when we should be all in,
I shiver, though,
oh, how I dream,
of you sleeping still beside me.

You should’ve seen me
brave the hail
While we were young and full of steam,
But now we’re here, my love,
miles past the dying dream.

We’ll never sleep the way we had
With nothing to our names,
Trembling ties and sweet refrains,
That’s where my heart resides.