Pop Pop Cola(泡泡可樂)
專輯:STAR ARENA(星際競技場)

Pop Pop Cola(泡泡可樂)

It is the midsummer again (炎炎夏日)
The path is burning hot (小路上也熱得蒸汽騰騰)
Can't see you clearly (看不清楚你的樣子)
I want to communicate my feelings to you (好想給你傳達我的感覺)

You are the best scenery (你是世界上最美的風景)
Which I have never met (我沒有見過的美好)
If you are listening to this song (如果你正在聽這首歌)
I will tell you more (我想要告訴你更多)

I wish you to promise me one thing (我希望你可以跟我保證一件事)
Just one thing (只是一件事)
Just say yes (答應我吧)

let it go over your head(把煩惱都拋棄到腦後)
sing it out wo-o-o(或者大聲唱出來)
get it a try(試一下吧)
leave your worries behind(把你的不安放到一邊)

Imagine that place next to you (想像到你身邊的那個位置)
I will try to run for it (我會嘗試去爭取站在你旁邊)
It's so romantic (好浪漫的感覺)
Let us try something cool(我們一起做一點好玩的事情好嗎)

Oh ~Can't wait (迫不及待呢)
I can't wait anymore (一秒也不想等待)
Go go go

I can see your star is shining shinning (我看見你眼中的星星在閃爍)
Can you dance ? Do this with me (你會跳舞嗎?跟著我做這個吧)
Share this rhythm (共用這個節奏)
Which connect you and me (我們聯繫在了一起)
It's belong to us (屬於我們的)
It's belong you and me (只屬於你和我)

Every bubble is a part of you ,boy (每一個泡沫都是關於你)
Happiness is inside (幸福的)
Beauty is inside wow (美好的)
"Pop "one after another (一個接著一個)
And I could hide your eyes inside mine (最後我就可以把你的眼睛深藏在我眼中)

It is you (you're here)(是你,(你在這裡))
Through the sunlight I can see you (透過陽光我能看見你)
(Through the sunlight I can see you)
And everything seems just right(一切看起來都是那樣的剛剛好)
(Can you hear me?)(你可以聽見我嗎?)
The sunlight shines on your face (陽光照在你的臉)
(I have a lot to say to you)(我有好多話想跟你說)
It leads me to you (它把我指引向你)
(My heart is beating)(我心跳很快)
No matter (無論)
Where you are (你在哪裡)
Whenever (無論何時)
I'll run to you(我都會奔向你)