The Distance Between Hearts(心之距離)
專輯:STAR ARENA(星際競技場)

The Distance Between Hearts(心之距離)

Is speaking the best way to communicate? 說話真的是溝通的最好方式嗎?
But why do you always understand it in a wrong way? 但是為什麼你總是誤會
So how can I word my mind not to offend you? 我要怎麼表達才不會冒犯到你
Make an apology? 我道歉可以嗎
I'm tired of quarreling 我真的厭倦爭吵了
What can I do for you? 我可以做點什麼嗎?
Just tell me 儘管告訴我吧
You walk away from me 你在遠離我
Come back 回來吧
Every step you walk is the distance of a heart 你走的每一步都是我們心之間的距離
Don't go far away 不要走遠了
If speaking can not explain all the matters 如果說話不能解釋事情
Let it go 就這樣算了
The one who waits know the answer 不急著離開的人知道答案
Maybe language is the most nerveless 語言可能是蒼白的
But the footprints behind us will play their part 但是身後的腳印會起到它的作用
Don’t say don’t walk, ok ? It’s too late 不要說話不要走近,已經太遲了
Please , the next thing is more exciting 未來會很有意思的
In that case , we can take a chance(oh) 如果是這樣的話,就試試看吧
We have been walking shoulder to shoulder for so long 我們肩並肩走了那麼遠
We fought side by side 我們過去一起戰鬥
We shared death and life 我們分享所有的事情
Far beyond the distance 跨越了所謂的距離
We will get there 我們會去到那邊
No matter north , south , east and west 無論東南西北
I wanna stand beside you 我想站在你身邊
Be us to face the world 作為我們,去面對世界
Again 再一次
Don't say good bye 不要說再見
Finally,we will see you by our side 最後我們還是會見到
Let's fight it out 解決了吧
Get back 回來
Don't be garrulous 不要喋喋不休了
Put your hand way up high 舉起你的手
And we will never say bye-bye 永遠不要說再見