歌手:萬玲琳 Annett Wan
專輯:裡表世界 The Dimension That Awaits


Fireworks lighting up the night sky
Michael looks up with his innocent eyes
glitter falls, they don’t shine no more
direction last it glowed drew him to explore
all on his own

Searchin' the subway he lost track of time
get off and on, never saying goodbye
little boy, crosses lines
in brand new concrete jungle through his mind
built up so high

Flash cars and motorcycles
fighting for the road
he wonders where they wanna go
taking up the pavement, moving on
to the next arrangement, no way home
like they don't have enough to breathe
until the sun goes down on the streetlight symphony
that's time to leave

Colours in neon take over the space
without telling dad, might be worried all day
don't just grow in these confrontations boy
share the world
let him know
he won't blame it

Flash cars and motorcycles jam up on the road
he wonders why all things go wrong
turn down that invitation boy
there'll always be another one
bet you just had some fun to feel
even the sun goes down on the street light symphony
not far to reach
not far to reach
not far...