Soph T. 霏霏
Bilingual singer-songwriter, Soph T. 霏霏 (fei fei) never thought that she would become who she is today.

Talented since the age of 14, she picked up musical skills such as piano and acoustic guitar. She continues to pursue her musical talents by conducting for her school choir and playing lead roles in school musicals. She was also part of the busking community, and had gained recognition for her talents as well.

Soph T. 霏霏 had also been involved in various events and performances, which include Artbox Singapore 2017, Esplanade, PAssionArts Festival, Hear65 X UFM 100.3: LIVE from the Lion City and more.

In 2018, she participated and came in as the winner for both competitions, Huayi U Sing and Stärker Music Jams.

On 30 Aug 2019, the singer-songwriter released her debut Mandarin single 《上鎖 Locked Away》. Soph T. 霏霏 had performed at Stärker Music Carnival 2019 on 2 November 2019, with Taiwanese headliner act F.I.R. , along with other well-known local acts: Qiu Feng Ze, Tay Kewei, Alfred Sim.

雙語創作歌手Soph T. 霏霏可說是偶然走上了音樂這個道路。

Soph T. 霏霏十四歲開始學習鋼琴,並在一年後自學吉他。因為對音樂的天賦,她隨後更是當上學校的合唱團指揮,同時也擔任多場學校舞臺劇主要演員。除此之外,她也曾當過街頭藝人,從中也漸漸建立自己的粉絲群。

才華洋溢的Soph T.霏霏也參與各大公開表演,其中包括:Artbox Singapore 2017, 濱海藝術中心,PAssionArts Festival, Hear65 X UFM 100.3: SING響獅城,唱歌LIVE! 等等。

她也在2018年參加了華藝U唱2018和Stärker Music Jams兩場歌唱比賽。高辨識度的嗓音也讓她在兩場比賽奪下冠軍寶座。

榮升創作歌手的Soph T.霏霏今年8月發行首張單曲《上鎖》。

Soph T. 霏霏也在11月2日的Stärker Music Carnival演出。其他同台的表演嘉賓包括:台灣著名樂團F.I.R. 飛兒樂團、本地歌手邱鋒澤、鄭可為、沈志豪等。