Tenzin Dolkar
Tenzin Dolkar 既是樂隊的名字,也是主唱旦增卓嘎名字的英文寫法,他們的音樂透露著異域、性感、深邃,像隱藏在地下的一股暗流,向這個時代發出古老而原始的聲音。多元、先鋒的特點是他們在音樂上不斷努力嘗試的結果,樂隊首張專輯以搖滾樂與氛圍電子為框架,融合中東以及西藏地區的音樂元素,用那些不曾存在過的傳說講述每個人內在的欲望與自由、矛盾與融合。


Tenzin Dolkar is both the name of the band and of the lead singer. Their music reveals exotic, sexy and deep, like an undercurrent hidden underground, giving an ancient and original voice to this era. Diversified and pioneering are the result of their constant efforts in music. The band's debut album is based on rock music and atmosphere electronics. It combines the musical elements of the Middle East and Tibet, and tells everyone's inner desires with legends that have never existed before. Freedom, contradiction and integration.

Introducing the band members:
The lead singer: Tenzin Dolkar, grew up in Lhasa, Tibet, an independent musician and singer. Affected by her family, she began her performance and writing songs for more than ten years since the age of 12. So the rich experience of the show made her full of appeal and control on the stage.
Guitarist BanX and drummer YaoYao established their first band in 2009, and they have accumulated experience in the performance. BanX managed his own studio, the Green Village Children's Studio, and has worked as a producer, sound engineer and mixer for many independent bands and artists from around the world.