在過去十年裡, Mønochef一直在不斷挖掘音樂創作的各種可能性。他用隨身攜帶的答錄機把周圍的聲音錄下來,然後用這些採樣來進行創作,他嘗試創作出新的聲音,試圖模糊掉音樂和噪音之間的界限,並給這些融合在大眾日常生活裡的聲音構造出一段故事,賦予不一樣的生命與情感。

Mønochef is a Sound Artist and Music Producer born in Kunming, China and based in Toronto. Life in different cities directly informs his works and the concepts. The way he describes himself is very much a metaphor for the way he creates music-as simple as mono, as fun as a chef.

From past decade, Mønochef has been constantly seeking every possibility to create music. He used to travel with a recorder every day and capture the sounds around him. “For every city that I live in has its own specific sounds.” Mønochef explained “You know where you are when you hear the sounds.” Everything around him has its rhythm and he creates a way to make it joyous and vibrant works of art.

By sampling and matching different elements from daily life, he blurs the boundaries of noise, sound and music. Behind his minimal techno style and progressively dense productions, what you can feel is not only the sound and music, but also his, yours and everybody's life.