Queena 初中參加校內歌唱比賽,自此與音樂結下不解之緣。大學初期曾加入搖滾樂隊Chapter2,參與校內外不同演出。 2015年首次以個人獨唱形式參與「MACA流行歌曲創作大賽2015」,主唱作品《天真不再》獲得亞軍。另於同年憑著《盒子》於「澳廣視至愛新聽力」奪得「至愛歌曲奬」以及「飛躍表現奬」; 2016年發佈首張個人專輯《Smiling on a cloudy day》。及後,憑著《艾蘭》獲得「澳廣視至愛新聽力」的「至愛金曲奬」。 現亦同時擔任「薄荷葉」主音,樂隊多以不插電形式,出席本地及海外各類型音樂活動。個人、樂隊發展兩者兼顧。

Queena Junior High School participated in the school singing competition, and since then it has been inseparable from music. At the beginning of the university, he joined the rock band Chapter2 and participated in different performances inside and outside the school. In 2015, he participated in the "MACA Pop Song Creation Competition 2015" in the form of a solo individual. The lead singer "Innocent is no longer" won the runner-up. In the same year, with "Box" in "Australian Vision to Love New Hearing" won the "Love Song Award" and "Leap Performance Award"; in 2016 released his first solo album "Smiling on a cloudy day". Later, with "Alan", he won the "Australian Golden Melody Award" from "Australian Vision to Love New Listening". At the same time, he is also the main voice of "Mint Leaf". The band participates in various local and overseas music activities without plugging in. Individuals and bands develop both.